Avenue 67

AVENUE 67 is the challenge of three women, three brave businesswomen, united by a passion for fashion. This common point has been transformed into the brand AVENUE 67, characterized by the style and elegance of the inimitable MADE IN ITALY and by the rigorous and careful craftsmanship of the products. Although AVENUE 67 is a young brand, born at the end of 2013, in a few years the great entrepreneurial will of Liala Fiorini, Lucia Medici and Laura Bartoli allowed the brand to enter the sales channel of prestigious boutiques and important Italian stores. In the last year AVENUE 67 has expanded its commercial views expanding the market also abroad, with important requests coming from Korea and Japan.


Dirk Bikkembergs is the brand that finds creative inspiration in the union between the sensuality of fashion and the strength of sport.
Founded in 1986 by the homonymous designer and member of the group of avant-garde designers known as the "Six of Antwerp", the brand has developed over the years a style that emanates an uncomplicated self-confidence.


The David collection is dedicated to an elegant and feminine woman. Design and wearability blend in design: models designed to give warm emotions, patterns with classic but trendy tones, jewel applications, laser cuts and rhinestone decorations are the distinctive elements of the collection that make each of our costumes a unique garment.

E A 7

EA7 is a brand of the Giorgio Armani group.

Emporio Armani

Discover the new Emporio Armani collection of clothing, accessories, shoes, bags and beauty products.


H2O Italia is a contemporary fashion brand with an Italian character.
Creativity and stylistic research are the core values ​​of the company that are expressed in its collections.
Her mission is to dress women in every occasion of her life with a sophisticated, fashionable and accessible garment.
Therefore H2O Italia focuses on the study and the quality of the fabrics with refined but easy to interpret creations.


The brand ICONIQUE represents the Italian imagery of cruise and resort wear, perfect for vacation days, dinners and fun. The comfort and lightness of fabrics are the same as the breeze anyone can feel walking alongside the shore.


Since 1998 Letizia Denaro comes out on the market with its collection of women's knitwear, which is characterized by its width with proposals of sweaters, cardigans, twin sets, skirts and scarves. The wearability, the originality of the lines and the richness of hand-made embroideries and personalized prints are appreciated by an ever-growing clientele that will no longer abandon it. The stylist's mission is to generate emotions and the pleasure of dressing a unique style. To achieve these results, Letizia Denaro resorts to the craftsmanship of artisan craftsmanship, because wearing a Letizia Denaro jersey is not a simple dress but a desire to live with pleasure the luxury of "the good taste".


Born in 2017 in Turin, where it is designed and created by a young and creative team that for over ten years is attentive to the needs of the market and new trends in the accessories world.

Pin Up

1995, Pin-Up Stars is born, a true revolution in the beachwear sector. The Brand, which has its roots in the know-how of the Made in Italy craftsmanship tradition, immediately develops its identity with the use of new technologies and constant research into materials.
Each collection is characterized by unique masterpieces, for all women who love to differentiate themselves with elegance, determination and personality.
It expresses research and constant innovation.
Always colorful, ironic, fun and naturally sexy, while remaining faithful to the glamourous and fashion spirit, it is constantly renewed, always with great relevance, in a Beachwear Couture context. A product of research and innovation, a production totally "Made in Italy", elaborated on principles of quality craftsmanship, created by skilled workers and with first quality materials.


Since 1958 the Sundek brand has played a leading role in the global beachwear scene.

Twin Set

Twin-Set by Simona Barbieri is an Italian brand of Modenese origin born from the entrepreneurship of Simona Barbieri, creative director of the brand, and her husband Tiziano Sgarbi. The clothing company from Modena specializes primarily in the production of knitwear garments ideal for looks.

Vacanze Italiane

Vacanze Italiane, as trendsetter brand of Luxury Swimwear, express the coolest and sensual style of the beach fashion. The brand's mission is to highlight females bodies whit bikinis, swimsuit and monokinis designed to fit perfectly every woman.

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